Colombia Decaf - Huila

Colombia Decaf - Huila

Origin:            Colombia
Tasting notes:  Chocolate, lemon-lime, caramel, heavy 
Produced by:   Multiple small farmers          
Region:            Huila
Varietal:           Caturra, Castillo
Altitude:          1600 – 1800 masl
Processing:     Fully washed



This is a special decaf put together by gathering multiple lots from small family farms in Hulia, Colombia.  Colombia has a number of exceptional growing regions, but it is impossible to have a discussion about high-end specialty coffee coming out of Colombia without talking about Huila.  The altitude is among the highest in Colombia, the climate and soil are perfect, and regional, municipal, and local communities have found ways to work together for everyone’s good. We are especially proud to again offer a traceable, high quality decaf from small farms.

Each of these small farmers takes great care of their product in order to ensure optimal quality.  Practices such as picking only ripe cherries and properly washing and drying the coffee seeds are commonplace.  This particular coffee was chosen prior to being decaffeinated based on quality, but due to a unique decaffeination process it is the quality of the coffee post decaffeination that caught our attention.  

This lot is decaffeinated using Ethel Acetate, a natural by-product of fermented sugar-cane, which bonds with the soluble caffeine compounds in the coffee and allows them to be stripped from the green beans.  This process has really started to gain traction within specialty coffee because it tends to allow the natural flavors in the coffee to shine while still removing the caffeine, and it is chemical free.

This decaf is great as filter or espresso.  It is big and chocolaty with a heavy body and nice flavors like lemon-lime and caramel sweetness.  We take decaf seriously around here, and we are sure when you try it out you’ll love what you find.