Storybook Espresso+

Storybook Espresso+

Origin: Nicaragua, Brazil
Producers: Single estate, Mogiana
Blend: 50% Nicaragua, 50% Brazil
Tasting notes: Chocolate, caramel, creamy, rich


To pay homage to all the good stories that have shaped us, molded us, formed us along our life journeys, and for all the stories old and new that will guide our way in the future, we have named our espresso blend Storybook. 

Storybook offers you consistently beautiful reddish-brown crema complete with all of the sweetness, richness, and complexity you are looking for in espresso.  On its own or as the hero in milk drinks, it is truly a storybook ending in your cup.

We have decided to label this blend “espresso+” rather than simply espresso.  This is done to draw attention to the blend’s versatility.  It is crafted for espresso, but makes great brewed coffee as well.         

The Nicaraguan coffee is from the Santa Candida Estate that grows coffee throughout both the Matagalpa & Jinotega regions of Nicaragua. The coffee is grown between 1200-1500 masl. Varieties are predominantly caturra, catuai, and some maragjipe. Proper farming practices, environmentally friendly and a socially conscious approaches are used. 

The Mogiana region, which runs along the Sao Paulo and Minas Gerias border, is home to some of the most consistently sweet and well-structured naturals produced in Brazil.


The Honduran is a single farm coffee from Los Lesquines in the Corquín Copán region of Honduras.  It happens to be a certified organic coffee, and is well cared for during washed processing methods.